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Scientific Program: International Live Conference on Brain, Mind and Artificial Intelligence

Date: September 02, 2023, Saturday

Time: 8 PM Indian Standard Time ------One hour from now!!!

Location: Online Conference Conference Registration: Click Here

LinkedIn Live Stream: Click Here

International Live Conference on Brain, Mind and Artificial Intelligence Agenda:

08:00 PM - 08:15 PM: Meet and Greet

08:15 PM - 09:00 PM:

Title Talk 1: 'Understanding Mental Health: Differences between Disorders and Illnesses, Awareness, and Treatment

Speaker: Dr Sa’adatu AdamuPresident, Psychotherapeutic and Counseling Research Institute, Nigeria

09:00 PM - 09:45 PM:

Title Talk 2: 'Virtual Reality Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder Through Undergraduate Student Perspective

Speaker: Seda ZENGİN Biomedical Engineering, Ankara University, Turkey 09:45 PM - 10:30 PM:

Title Talk 3: 'YOUR NOT SO NEUTRAL BRAIN: The Role of The Amygdala in Implict Racial Bias

Speaker: Eman Khalif Psychological Coach, Mölndals Stad, Sweden 10:30 PM - 11:15 PM:

Title Talk 4: 'Detection of Alzheimer's disease using nonlinear features of ERP signal’

Speaker: Elias Mazrooei Rad Biomedical Engineering Department ,khavaran institute of higher education, Iran

11:15 PM onwards: Questionnaire Session

**Note**: The time mentioned above is in Indian Standard Time (IST). Please visit the conference page to match the timing with the local time of the conference's start at your location.

The talk sessions include presentations followed by Questions and Answers. If the questions exceed the allocated time, the remaining questions will be addressed during the Questionnaire Session.

During the talks, feel free to ask questions in the chat box, and the speakers will respond as they see fit.

Certificates will be distributed to both speakers and attendees by September 6th, 2023, at the registered email addresses. Please note that certificates will only be awarded to those who successfully register for the event and attend the live conference for at least 70% of the conference duration. (Upon successful registration, the Conference Joining Link will be sent automatically).

We look forward to your participation in this enriching conference on Brain, Mind and AI. See you on September 2nd, 2023!


The Organizing Team

Brain, Mind and AI 2023


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