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ISSN: 2584-2153 (Online)

Title:  OLCIAS Journal

Interventions for Memory Impairment: A Comprehensive Review

Sampoornam. W, Ms. Oviya. R , Aswini Surendran, Nandhini. A

*Principal, Nursing Tutor, Bhavani College of Nursing, Erode

**First Year BSC Nursing, Bhavani College of Nursing, Erode

Memory impairment, affecting millions globally, is a critical aspect of neurodegenerative  disorders and cognitive decline due to aging. This article reviews the current interventions for  memory impairment, focusing on pharmacological treatments, cognitive rehabilitation,  lifestyle modifications, and emerging therapies. We explore their efficacy, mechanisms, and  potential for integration into comprehensive treatment plans.  

Keywords: Memory, Impairment, Emerging Therapies, Review

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