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Brain Health

International Live Conference on

May 04, 2024
Live Conference
Starts 20:00 IST

Brain Health
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Brain Health refers to the overall well-being of the brain, including cognitive, emotional, and physical aspects. It is essential to maintain brain health to live a healthy and fulfilling life. The brain controls everything we do, from our thoughts and emotions to our physical movements, and therefore, it is crucial to keep it healthy and functioning optimally.

Organizing a live conference on Brain Health is of utmost importance as it provides an opportunity to bring together experts from different fields to discuss the latest research and advancements in brain health. It also provides a platform for networking and sharing ideas to promote brain health and improve the quality of life of individuals.

The International Live Conference on Brain Health, with the theme of "Realizing the Importance of Brain Health in Early Stages," aims to emphasize the significance of early intervention in promoting brain health. The conference will bring together researchers, clinicians, and other professionals from around the world to exchange knowledge, ideas, and experiences related to brain health.

Report for the past Brain Health 2022 Conference held on May 05, 2022:

The Brain Health 2022 Conference was held on May 05, 2022, and it featured presentations from various experts in the field. The following are the details of the presentations and presenters:

Talk Title: Brain Health Optimization with an Integrative Sports and Exercise Psychology Model
Presenter: Dr. Paige Elizabeth Roberts, On Point Performance Neuro Training LLC, USA

Dr. Roberts presented her research on using an integrative sports and exercise psychology model to optimize brain health. She emphasized the importance of physical activity and its positive impact on brain health. Her presentation highlighted the need for an integrative approach to promoting brain health, combining physical activity, cognitive stimulation, and emotional well-being.

Talk Title: Efficacy of psychological intervention on emotional intelligence among adolescents in selected schools at Erode
​Presenter: Prof. Dr. Sampoornam W, Dhanvantri College of Nursing, India

Prof. Dr. Sampoornam presented her research on the efficacy of psychological intervention on emotional intelligence among adolescents in selected schools at Erode. Her presentation emphasized the importance of emotional intelligence in promoting brain health and the need for interventions to improve emotional intelligence in adolescents. She also highlighted the challenges in implementing such interventions in school settings.

Talk Title: Pyogenic Cerebral (Brain) Abscess

Presenter: Dr. Tshetiz Dahal, Lugansk State Medical University, Ukraine

Dr. Dahal presented his research on Pyogenic Cerebral Abscess, a rare and life-threatening condition that can affect brain health. He discussed the clinical features, diagnosis, and treatment of the condition, emphasizing the need for early detection and prompt treatment to prevent serious complications.

In conclusion, the Brain Health 2022 Conference provided a platform for experts from different fields to exchange knowledge and ideas related to brain health. The presentations highlighted the importance of early intervention, an integrative approach, and emotional intelligence in promoting brain health. The conference was a valuable learning experience for all the attendees, and it is hoped that the knowledge gained will be used to promote brain health and improve the quality of life of individuals.

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Title: The International Live Conference on Brain Health
Date: May 04, 2024
​Time: 8 PM Indian Standard Time
Location: Online
Conference Theme: 
Realising the importance of brain health in early stages


To secure your place as a distinguished speaker at this conference, ensure to submit your abstract no later than January 28, 2024.


  • Use of machine learning to advance Brain Healthcare

  • Healthy Diet for Brain

  • Neonatal and Postnatal Care

  • Affordable and Availability of Brain Healthcare Devices

  • Psychological Therapy for Athletes, Players, and Office Employees

  • Brain Health in the mid-life and old life.

  • Brain Health and Physical Activity

  • Imaging Cerebral Blood Flow for Brain Health Measurement

  • Mental Health Consequences of Brain Health Injury

  • Role of Institutional Environment in Brain Structure Connectivity and Mental Health 

  • Differential Impact of Covid-19 pandemic on Brain Health

  • Brain Drain Under other Names

  • Brain Tumor hardships and therapies

  • Exercises for Cognitive functioning and Optimal Brain Integrity

  • Obesity/Diabetes converting to Brain Health problems

  • Encephalitis

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