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Brain Health

International Conference on

May 05, 2023
Live Conference
Starts 20:00 IST

Brain Health
Theme: Realising the importance of brain health in early stages
  • Use of machine learning to advance Brain Healthcare

  • Healthy Diet for Brain

  • Neonatal and Postnatal Care

  • Affordable and Availability of Brain Healthcare Devices

  • Psychological Therapy for Athletes, Players, and Office Employees

  • Brain Health in the mid-life and old life.

  • Brain Health and Physical Activity

  • Imaging Cerebral Blood Flow for Brain Health Measurement

  • Mental Health Consequences of Brain Health Injury

  • Role of Institutional Environment in Brain Structure Connectivity and Mental Health 

  • Differential Impact of Covid-19 pandemic on Brain Health

  • Brain Drain Under other Names

  • Brain Tumor hardships and therapies

  • Exercises for Cognitive functioning and Optimal Brain Integrity

  • Obesity/Diabetes converting to Brain Health problems

  • Encephalitis