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Welcome to the International Live Meet on Career Development, Growth Opportunities, and Collaboration in the field of Brain, Mind, and AI Machines. This conference aims to bring together professionals, students, and individuals interested in career development to discuss the latest trends, strategies, and approaches in the field of career planning and management.

The conference will cover various topics related to career development, including the journey of a college student towards career development, internships for high school students, identifying elements to save college graduates from underemployment problems, and opportunities for career development for children with learning difficulties. Additionally, the conference will also delve into employment challenges, job search strategies, and job satisfaction.

Our speakers will present evidence-based counseling adaptations for students and professionals, investigate future paths through collaborative career exploration, and highlight the impact of social media in job search. They will also discuss how to combat ageism and build stronger client connections through a multi-cultural, multi-generational approach.

Furthermore, the conference will feature sessions on skill enhancement and career upgrade, including using creativity in career development, the value of mentoring, and best practices for career counseling in an ever-changing world. Lastly, the conference will provide valuable insights into how to become an employer, taking responsibility, and future directions.

Join us for this exciting opportunity to learn from experts, network with peers, and gain practical skills for your career development journey. We hope this conference will equip you with the tools you need to create a fulfilling career path on your own terms.


  • Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Participate in Collaboration

  • Keynote Speaker/Address Sessions/Chair and Co-Chair/Speakers

  • Job Opportunities: Hire or Get Hired

  • Skill Development Sessions

  • Grooming Careers

  • Advertise or get familiar with evolving Courses/Program in Universities/Institutes/Companies

  • Challenges in Career and How to Overcome

  • Apply for Scholarship

Title: International Live Meet on Career Development
Date: May 18, 2024
​Time: 8 PM Indian Standard Time
Location: Online
Conference Theme: Career Development, Growth Opportunities and Collaboration in the field of Brain, Mind and AI Machines


To secure your place as a distinguished speaker at this conference, ensure to submit your abstract no later than February 11, 2024.

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