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International Live Conference on Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

Virtual Live Conference

Theme: Frontiers in Research on Stress, Depression & Anxiety Management

The International Live Conference on Stress, Anxiety, and Depression (SAD 2024) starting January 19, 2024 is dedicated similarly to the previous SAD 2022 & SAD 2023 conference in bringing together a maximum number of Research Scholars, Leading Professionals, Academic Scientists as well as Students, practitioners and educators to exchange and share their findings and experiences regarding Stress, Depression and Anxiety Management. The speaker's contributions include all types of original, published or unpublished, experimental, constructive or theoretical work/findings in the field of SAD Occurrence & Management.


Insomnia and Stress
Personality Disorders and Anxiety
Psychic Rehabilitation
Drugs of SDA and substitutes 
Importance of Yoga and Meditation
Mental Abuse and therapies
Phobia and Anxiety Management 
Compassion and empathy
Importance of Neurological Sciences 
Personal and Social Anxiety
Effect of Prevailing Competition on Mental Health
Women's Mental Health
Technology and Mental Health Management
Suicidal tendencies

Side effect on other body parts

SAD 2022 Presentations

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