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Brain Disorders

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This is to inform you all that there has been a change in the schedule tomorrow, i.e. October 31, 2021.

Ms Rutvi Vaja will be presenting her talk on the title 'In silico Analysis and Transcriptomic Profiling of Affected Biological pathways in Multiple Sclerosis' starting early between 09:45 AM- 10:15 AM. Earlier, her slot was scheduled for 13:15-13:45. The reason for this change is sudden demise of Ms Rutvi's Grandfather. We are really sorry for her loss. We are really grateful for Ms Rutvi that inspite of all her priorities at the moment, she has taken out some time to fulfil her commitment. May God bless her and her family in this time of grief. The website will soon be updated with this change in the schedule.

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