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Drug Discovery

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The International Live Conference on Drug Discovery will take place on March 18, 2023, featuring three presentations followed by a questionnaire session. The event will begin with a meet and greet session from 08:00 PM-08:15 PM IST, followed by the title talk on "Modulation of warfarin sodium into warfarin potassium for patients with hypertension" by Al-Baraa Akram from De Montfort University, Leicester, UK from 08:15 PM-09:00 PM IST.

Dr. Mohit Agrawal from K.R. Mangalam University, India, will then present his talk on "Neuroprotective Effect of Inosine against Aluminium Chloride (AlCl3) Induced Experimental Dementia & Mild Cognitive Dysfunction in Rats" from 09:00 PM-09:45 PM IST. The final talk of the event will be presented by Jinsad Sakkeer from Anna University, India, on "Application of Machine Learning in Drug Discovery" from 09:45 PM-10:15 PM IST.

Each talk will include a presentation and Q&A session, with any remaining questions being addressed during the…

  • Hello all,

    Will i get participation certificate without presenting any abstract?

    9 मार्च 2023 · एक ग्रुप कवर छवि जोड़ी गई।
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