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Giant Pseudomeningocele due to a Traumatic Avulsion of the Brachial Plexus: Case Report and Literature Review

Neurosurgery Department, University Hospital Nadir Mohamed, TiziOuzou, Algeria
**: University of Victoria London U.K

*Corresponding Author: BELGACEM I.,Neurosurgery Department, University Hospital Nadir Mohamed Tizi Ouzou, Algeria


It is well known that a traction injury to the brachial plexus can produce tears in the root sheaths, resulting in pseudomeningoceles, which are, in most cases, small and not noticed by the patient. We report an unusual case of a three-year-old girl who had brachial plexus damage during a traffic accident, resulting in giant pseudomeningocele and presenting with left brachial monoplegia without impairment of sensitivity. The cerebro-cervical MRI showed a partial avulsion of the roots of the left brachial plexus with a giant pseudomeningocele. The EMG did one month of the trauma, returning in favor of partial damage to the left C5 and C6 roots without signs of severity. The patient had started her functional rehabilitation, focusing on the motor skills of the left upper limb, with a clear improvement in muscle testing; however, close consultations were recommended to monitor the pseudomeningocele.

Key words: brachial plexus, pseudomeningocele, avulsion, functional rehabilitation.

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