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ISSN: 2584-2153 (Online)

Title:  OLCIAS Journal

A Study of the Corona Virus's Negative Psychological Effects on Individuals

Mersellab Kheira

Higher School in Sports Sciences and Technology

Director of Social Sciences Laboratory Applied to Sports

Olympic City, Dely Ibrahim, Algiers, Algeria

Many crises that society faces, whether periodically or randomly, have historically caused  significant losses and damages to individuals and communities. These impacts can be social,  political, economic, and administrative. It is widely recognized that societal exposure to crises  poses continuous and random threats, affecting both material and human development aspects.  

After experiencing the health crisis, you returned to work to assist mentally distressed  individuals. You decided to write an article about the health crisis and the effects it left behind.  This is what you aim to explore in your article.  

Key words: health crisis; coronavirus; psychological well-being of individuals; social  relationships

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